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and i also did this
i need to start drawing more so i get back into the swing of things

so i did a thing 
i haven’t drawn in ages so i’m a bit rusty :’))))

I’ve been feeling arty lately and this is something I came up with a few hours ago.

Teenage Love

I see people walk arm in arm, hand in hand, gripping on for dear life, as if they don’t have anyone else.

Maybe, for some, that’s true.

As you kiss your lover, you kiss your friends goodbye.

They leave you, fawn, to fend for yourself. No, not behind. They’re still there. Watching on, helpless, while love’s claws delve into your flesh.

But you’ll see, you stupid girl, that he’ll leave and you’ll be on your own. Mother cannot help you now, too much has been lost. You’re left to the earth - to your mind.

You’re too young to fade from your hind.

Stay sane. Keep your blood.

And your friends.


Don’t offer me a drink.

"Coffee?" I loathe the question.

Reminds me that I’m just the same as everyone else who walks through the door.

One sip is like a creature biting on my tongue - or a thought holding onto my voice box, waiting to come steaming out; water from a kettle.

The poison drips down the side of the mug, staining the sides where I should’ve left my mark.

But why, when I’m offered, do I never say “…no”? 


A Blessing

It’s hard to understand why people like their own company…

Why they like their own oxygen and not someone else’s, breathing down their neck, causing each hair to lift and want to take off.

Why they enjoy seeing their own kisses on their favourite mug rather than stains of love on their arms.

Why they wake up and bite into warm bread, alone, instead of getting their teeth into something new. Someone new.

Why they waste each night hoping for another morning like that and never a miracle, like a familiar knock at the door.

But I understand.